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David A. Bray, happily married. Successfully defended doctoral dissertation in Information Systems at Emory University.

Post-doc at MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence and Harvard's Leadership for a Networked World Program; previously a Visiting Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute in 2007, where I gave public talks on knowledge ecosystems and virtual institutions in addition to other presentations and lectures.

Moved around a lot as a youth (father was a Methodist minister). Always a friend of felines; dabble in piano and pastels; love word puzzles.

indian summer comes
quite unexpected, like a
delicious golden sentence, crisp
plucked but unspoken

like a line of music
that captures you suddenly, quickly
as if your soul knew the song
but had forgotten

all of this is an invitation

to see what lies hidden
behind autumn's mystified persona
and perhaps what is held
in those eyes

Anecdotally, right now we (humans) try to make sense of all the information on the web. (hidden text)
(09 October 1996)

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To serve the public, to encourage innovative human and technology collaborations.

—David Bray

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