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To discover common humanity, to volunteer time, efforts, and energies willfully.

2008.03 - Invited speaker at the DOE's Energy and Environmental Security conference

2007.06 - Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar to the U.K.

2005.09 - Volunteer with technology and food bank support in response to Hurricane Katrina

2005.04 - Married to Diane L. Morrison, the most caring and kind-hearted individual I know

2005.01 - Volunteer and EMT with Habitat for Humanity Thailand following tsunami event

2004.10 - Volunteer and EMT with 2004 Jimmy Carter Work Project in Mexico

2004.06 - Volunteer and EMT with Habitat for Humanity Kyrgyzstan

2003.11 - Volunteer researcher with Earthwatch International, re: tucuxi dolphins in Brazil

2001.07 - Crew lead and EMT with 2001 Jimmy Carter Work Project in South Korea

2001.03 - Volunteer researcher with Emory Biology Dept, re: herbal medicine and shamanism in Peru

2000.12 - Crew lead and EMT with Habitat for Humanity Nepal

2000.05 - Volunteer and EMT with Habitat for Humanity Ghana

1999.08 - Crew lead and EMT with Habitat for Humanity Romania

1999.05 - Volunteer and EMT with Emory University in Honduras

1999.03 - Crew lead and EMT with 1999 Jimmy Carter Work Project

1998.05 - Volunteer journalist with Emory University reporting on HIV/AIDS in South Africa

1996.06 - Education Foundation ambassador to U.K., Belgium, and France

1995.05 - 46th International Science and Engineering Fair, Canada

1994.11 - Feria Internacional de Ciencia y Technologia del Cono Sur en Argentina

1993.03 - Jason Project IV, selected by US Navy to work with WHOI mapping Sea of Cortez in Mexico

—David Bray

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Curriculum Vitae as PDF
Emory 2001 article
President's Award
On HIV/AIDS in S. Africa in 1998
Presentation for the Oxford Internet Institute
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With so many worthwhile endeavors to pursue, sleep will not come for me in this lifetime.

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